92% of the world's population uses emojis. How can we make emojis new again while showcasing that music can be instantaneously downloaded? Introducing Emojic. A new system that allows you to send songs based on a corresponding emoji.
Clios: Gold, Silver, and Bronze (Other, Digital / Mobile, Medium Innovation) *first student to ever win 3 clios for one entry*​​​​​​​
Art Director's Club: Bronze Cube and Finalist / Merit Winner (Interactive Craft in Online/Mobile–​​​​​​​Use of Technology, Advertising / Innovation)
Communication Arts: Winner (Published in November, 2019 issue) 
New York Festivals Advertising Awards: Finalist x 2 - (Digital/Mobile, Avant Garde/Innovative)
Graphis: Gold, Silver
Indigo Design Awards: Silver (UX, Interface and Navigation)
Role: Art Director / Copywriter
Partner: HyunJin Stella Kim
Motion Designer: Taekyoung Debbie Park
Creative Director: Frank Anselmo
University: School of Visual Arts
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