Client: Apple Music
Insight: 92% of the world's population uses emojis.
Solution: A new system that allows you to send songs based on a corresponding emoji.​​​​​​​
Recognition: Clios: Gold, Silver, and Bronze (first student to ever win 3 clios for one entry)​​​​​​​, Art Director's Club: Bronze Cube (Interactive Craft in Online/Mobile–​​​​​​​Use of Technology), Finalist (Advertising Innovation), New York Festivals Advertising Awards Finalist x 2 - (Digital/Mobile, Avant Garde/Innovative–​​​​​​​​​​​​​​currently awaiting final results), Graphis: Gold, Silver
The fastest growing language in history is the emoji. 92% of the world's population uses them.
Emojis were designed to make text messages more expressively unique.
Now that over 900 million people are sending the same emojis, they're no longer as original.
Introducing: Emojic. Emojic works with the music streaming service on your phone.
Select an emoji, then retap it.
Three songs that match your emoji appear. Select one and send.
(music automatically plays)
Emojic: Emojis + Music
Creative Director: Frank Anselmo
Motion Designer: Taekyoung Debbie Park
Role: Art Direction, Copywriting