St. Germain features a number of cocktails on their Instagram stories, specifically for "national" holidays throughout the year. We created fun ways to show how you can make these cocktails at home.​​​​​​​
Liqueur Day: On National Liqueur Day we wanted to share a few of our favorite cocktails. To make the experience more interactive, we told users how many taps they should give to find their perfect cocktail: one tap for Fall Spritz, two for Olivette, three for a St-Germain Gin & Tonic, and four for Autumn in Paris.
Vodka Day: How can we make users interested in National Vodka Day? We created a simple quiz for everyone to find their perfect cocktail. Drinking at a rooftop or a bar? Interested in something with a pop, zing, or fizz? St. Germain will find the right drink for you.
Coffee Day: What better way to celebrate National Coffee Day than with the perfect St. Germain cocktail? We made a simple recipe card to be shared on this day.
Role: Art Director
Copywriter: Gabe McFadden
Designer: Genelle Salazar
Agency: BBDO NY
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