A baby's face says it all. You know when they're happy, sad, or even...pooping. What better way to highlight Pampers Swaddlers' new diaper than with adorable baby...poop faces? We were tasked with showcasing a new feature for Pampers Swaddlers, a Blowout Barrier that prevents up to 100% of leaks. Taking a new approach for Pampers, we created custom emojis and captured unique baby expressions that told the story of our new diapers. (Fun fact: This is the first broadcast commercial to say and depict "poop").
Director's cuts (note: all footage is RAW and has not been color-corrected or fixed in post).:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
OLV + Social:
Custom Emojis:
I even saw our campaign out in the wild when visiting family in Bulgaria!
CGI diaper:
Client: Pampers (Swaddlers)
Role: Senior Art Director 
Senior Copywriter: Ryan Sheehy
Creative Directors: Allison Baker, Paul Eustace, Heather Wagner, Malaika Danowitz
Director: Annie Gunn
DP: Peter Simonite
Producers: Mackenzie Reif, Greg Eggbeen, Roy de la Maza, Rebekah Baker
GFX/Editors: Harbor
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi NY
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